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Tiny Tots School of Arts
Introduced by Michele Bates (Original owner of TNT Dance Studio) in 1986, Tiny Tots School of Arts combines the basic movements of Dance (Jazz and Ballet), Singing, Speech and Drama, Acrobatics and Mime. From the ages of 2.5-5years, dancers will appreciate rhythm, patterns, self-expression, vocal projection, listening to and sequencing music, and increased flexibility in a comfortable and air-conditioned environment.

The 1.5 hour sessions conducted by two qualified dance and music teachers provides an avenue for children to socialise and work towards achieving numerous goals. The Tiny Tots showcase their individual talents at the annual TNT Concert at the Moncrieff Entertainment Centre. Here, the children will recite poems, sing songs and perform a routine without teacher assistance. This is a fabulous achievement that builds confidence, physical dexterity and memory.
Dance Speech & Music
T N T Dance Studio
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Once the Tiny Tots have graduated, they progress into after-school “combination” classes where they experience a variety of dance genres. These classes are a great introduction into the “world of dance”.